The Natural Air Freshener

Candida | 06.12.2014

Don’t you love it when you enter your home, or any home, and you get splashed with fresh aromas?  I know I do. What I love more is the compliments I receive from my visitors. It got me thinking of ways to make natural air fresheners with items found in your home! Here are a few of many methods to have that natural aroma in your home.

Using a diffuser is great and easy to use! Just add water and any deodorizer or natural essential oil. Once on, it shoots a light mist of vapor transporting that great smell in any room.

If you do not have a diffuser, a great alternative natural air freshener is creating your own air freshener. Just grab a small spray bottle, and fill it with water and add any natural essential oil or liquid deodorizer. You can even go a little bit wild and make every room a different odor!

The bathroom is another place you want smelling great. Just dip a cotton swab in any deodorizing liquid or oil and attach it behind or inside your toilet paper roll.

One of my favorite natural air fresheners is using fruit. The most common fruit group to use would be citrus fruits. I like to use oranges as they are one of my top favorite fruits. Just slice the orange and place it in boiling water. In minutes, that cooking smell will be gone with a pleasant, natural citrus smell.

Last but not least, using dried flowers. Many of us throw away flowers once they dry up and whither. However, you can make an all natural potpourri with the dry flowers. You can even add natural oils or boil the dried flowers in water to get that natural aroma from them.

These are just some natural air fresheners you can have your home smelling amazing. If you find other methods, please share with us!

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