Do Our Cleaning Products Work?

Candida | 08.19.2014

As a business owner, or simply a salesman, you need to know your products upside down and inside out. I think we can all agree that it is, if not, the most important thing for your product to succeed. So I decided to try out some specific K&A Janitorial Supplies’ cleaning products in my own home. Let me tell you something, these cleaning products are simply amazing! Let’s visit a few of the cleaning products I used in the course of this week.

Most of us have cars. It is safe to say that your car does get dirty, especially if you live in places like Florida. So K&A Janitorial has this cleaning product available called Auto Glow. It is a concentrated car detergent (is it for use on the outside of the car or the inside? Write something very specific that tells your audience that!) that is simply amazing. This cleaning product not only takes the dirt off the car, but  it also leaves the car as its name suggests, glowing. Auto Glow does a great job of removing bugs off the car as well. Love bugs especially, can damage the paint if not cleaned off quickly enough! After cleaning my car, I went off inside to try another cleaning product.

I figured I would stay in one area of cleaning products so for the first time in weeks, I will wash dishes. We all want a dish detergent that not only cleans, but one that makes it easy to remove grease as well. K&A’s Pot and Pan Detergent does just that! This cleaning product makes it easy to remove all the dirty grease and food stains off plates and pans. Additionally, your hands feel amazingly soft after every wash. After successfully cleaning some dishes, it was time to test the last detergent on my list!

Blue Clothing Detergent is the absolute best cleaning product for clothing. Stubborn stains, blood and oils does not stand a chance against the ability of this detergent. This product is concentrated and works extremely well on all types of laundry. It leaves clothing extremely soft and has a nice soft, fresh summer breeze smell to it. I personally rate all these detergents with 5 stars. If you do not believe me, try them for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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