Bar Soaps vs Liquid Soaps

Candida | 10.04.2014

For a very long time there was only one form of cleanliness. It was the good old reliable bar soap that helped us stay clean and bacteria free. However, in the past decade liquid soaps have been slowly taking over the personal hygiene scene. That caters the question: which is better? Bar Soaps or Liquid Soaps.

The good news is that they both have the same chemical make-up that that allows them to keep us clean. At the basic chemical level, both soaps contain alkali salts of fatty acids and detergent properties*. This detergent in soaps, which is called surfactant, allows the oils and dirt to mix with it and then washed away with water. So if they are made with the same components, what makes one more popular than the other? They both have pros and cons

Bar Soaps primary concern is the transferring of bacteria from one user to the other. Yet, a study conducted by Heinze revealed that bar soap are unlikely to pass on bacteria. Another con is the high levels of Ph. These high levels leave the skin dry due to excessive stripping of the body’s natural oils. Nonetheless, an important pro for the Bar Soap would be odorless fragrances. Bar Soaps without a fragrance are easy to come by unlike their cousin the Liquid Soap. Many are allergic to strong fragrances so the better alternative would be the Bar Soap.

Liquid Soap suffers from one major con that separates it from the Bar Soap: over-use. With easy squeeze bottles and pump action bottles, it’s quite easy to waste a lot of the liquid. That leads us to buy more of the Liquid Soap. Still, Liquid Soaps make it up with its benefits. They tend to have more lather, which means more moisture for dryer skin. Additionally, you do not have to deal with residue left from the Bar Soap.

In conclusion, whether you choose Bar Soaps or Liquid Soaps you will be clean and bacteria free. In the end, it is what your preferences are and how much you are willing to spend.

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