A Clean Bathroom

Candida | 02.06.2015

Does your bathroom look like picture number one or picture number two before you begin?  If it looks like picture number two you have to do more than clean it – you have to dig it out first – then you can get to the job of cleaning it.

Truth number one:  How would you feel about cleaning your bathroom if it looked like picture number one before you even started?  You would probably do it more frequently because then it won’t take you a week to work up enough courage and strength to do it.

Truth number two:  How much “stuff” in your bathroom do you actually use every day?  How many belong in the “I do not like it anymore” list, but you haven’t gotten around to throwing it out because; A) you may change your mind and use it later; B) but there’s still some left in the can, jar, bottle etc. and just can’t throw it out; or C) you’re still on the fence about whether you really like it or not?

Let us organize the bathroom so it looks like picture number one every day.  You probably used all that stuff on your counter first thing this morning when you got ready for your day.  So, why is it still on the counter at 8:00pm at night?   You think you have no place to put it so there it stays.  You probably have the space but you have not prioritized it.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.  Starting with the cabinet under the sink:  What is in it?  “Stuff” that you stopped using but have not gotten around to throwing out (please refer to excuses A, B, and C above).

Let’s empty it to the bare walls.  As you pull each item out put it in one of two piles; pile number one – things you use every day; pile number two – everything else.  Limit yourself to only these two piles.

Now move up to the counter top.  Set aside in pile number one, everything you used today when you got ready.  Everything else goes in pile number two.  Now put everything in pile number two in a plastic bag or box and move it out of bathroom.  In about a month or two if you haven’t retrieved it to use any of it, you probably never will, so you can throw it out.

There are lots of widget and gadget catalogues that have tons of things to organize anything in any room. I use a small plastic container. They hold everything I use every day; styling gel, deodorant, shaving cream, etc. I use it and put it back – gone.   I have a plastic tub that has the other miscellaneous things; razors among other things.  I actually have a lot of empty space and that is always good.

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